Implementation Timeline

The Rutgers IT Accessibility initiative is a continuous, multi-year effort. View the implementation plan below to see what we have done and plan to do going forward. We will continue to audit, update, and develop new web pages to ensure that the standards in our web accessibility policy are met.


Time Action Leaders
June 15, 2014 A group of IT Directors were charged with developing a web accessibility policy, determining a three year strategic and implementation plan for auditing, remediation, reporting and implementation of Web accessibility for all Rutgers campuses. Vice President of Information Technology and CIO
June 15, 2014 Executive Director Office of Disability Services (ED-ODS) and Associate Director for Instructional and Research Technology (AD-OIRT) were charged with coordinating these efforts with the IT Directors. CIO
June 30, 2014 The members of this new group, the Web Accessibility Practice Group, WAPG were determined. IT Directors and ED-ODS and AD-OIRT
September 30, 2014 The WAPG met on September 24th to review the charge, review the web accessibility policy draft and begin to develop an implementation plan. This group will meet as necessary when the policy is signed and the implementation plan is set. Chairs of WAPG

WAPG Members
October 30, 2014 The WAPG submitted a final draft of the policy to the CIO to be submitted for approval. The CIO approved the final draft and the policy was submitted to the administration for approval. WAPG, ED-ODS, and AD-OIRT

December 2014

The Manager of Accessibility was hired as a split position between ODS and OIRT. The manager is responsible for all IT accessibility at the university, under the direction of the AD-OIRT. ED-ODS and AD-OIRT
Time Action Leaders
January 2015 Recognizing the need to expand the work of the WAPG to include online courses, assistive and adaptive technologies, instructional materials, purchasing, and video-multimedia captioning, an overarching group, the ITAC (IT Accessibility Council) was formed. This group will consist of chairs of each of the practice groups (see Attachment 1 for more complete descriptions of each area). ED-ODS and AD-OIRT
June 2015 The structure for IT accessibility initiatives was created to include the WAPG, and practice groups addressing online courses, assistive and adaptive technologies, accessible instructional materials, procurement, and video captioning. The chair for the entire initiative, known as the ITAC (Information Technology Accessibility Council), will be the Manager of Accessible Technology, under the guidance of the Executive Director of Disability Services and the Director of Accessible Technology Initiatives (Associate Director for Information Technology).

Note: Each practice group will construct its own implementation plan.
Executive Director of Disability Services

Director of Accessible Technology Initiatives (Associate Director for Information Technology)
August 2015 The web policy was reviewed by the Office of General Counsel; the Office of Rutgers Office of Enterprise Risk Management, Ethics, & Compliance; the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs; the Office of Human Resources. It was determined to move the web accessibility policy to the University Senate Executive Council and the Administrative Council for consent and final approvals. ED-ODS and AD-OIRT
September, 2015 Chairs of all of the practice groups, including new chairs for the WAPG, were appointed by ITAC chair.

A RFP was sent out for an enterprise server web evaluation and monitoring tool that will check for conformance with WCAG 2.0 standards.
ITAC chair, with guidance from Executive Director of Disability Services and the Director of Accessible Technology Initiatives (Associate Director for Information Technology)
October 2015 First meeting of ITAC. ITAC chair, with guidance from Executive Director of Disability Services and the Director of Accessible Technology Initiatives (Associate Director for Information Technology)
By October 30, 2015 A list of members for WAPG will be determined by the chairs of WAPG based, in part, on units represented on the Administrative Council. The chairs will plan a schedule of monthly meetings throughout the next year to begin the auditing and implementing the plan for web accessibility. Chairs of WAPG
December 2015 Website,, published. The website includes resources for specific areas of practice like web, instruction, and media, timelines, assistive technologies most widely used, policy statements, and forthcoming workshops. Manager of Accessible Technology
By December 30, 2015 A small group of web developers will work with the Manager of Accessible Technology and Web Accessibility Developer to evaluate web accessibility evaluation tools and make a final recommendation for purchase. Manager of Accessible Technology and Web Accessibility Developer
By December 30, 2015 The three year implementation plan for WAPG will be finalized and approved by the ITAC. WAPG chairs

ITAC members
Time Action Leaders
January 27, 2016 University Senate transmitted its final resolution endorsing the policy and recommending its implementation to President Barchi. University Senate
February 2016 OIT will purchase the recommended web auditing tool and will complete an accessibility baseline audit and ongoing reports for all University websites to meet standards outlined in the W3C Web Accessibility Policy. Chairs of WAPG

WAPG members
March 2016 Baseline audits will be performed with selected web accessibility monitoring tool Manager Accessible Technology
April 2016 The WAPG will establish a list of ten web accessibility issues to audit university sites during the first year of implementation. This list will also establish the training materials and training protocols for the academic year. A new list of top web accessibility issues will be established every six months for three years. Training on these top issues will be provided to coincide with the audits every six months. WAPG members
May 2016 The WAPG will request information from all Administrative Council units to develop a plan for making websites accessible and detailing progress, activities, person’s responsible, and baseline information regarding compliance with the top ten web accessibility standards established. Chairs of WAPG

Manager of Accessible Technology
Summer 2016 A series of university-wide Web accessibility trainings will be planned and a training schedule for the next fiscal year will be established to include synchronous and asynchronous webinars and trainings. The topics of the trainings will include the top ten list established by the WAPG. The trainings will be recorded and available on the web site. A log of trainings and attendees to the trainings will be kept by the WAPG. Chairs of WAPG
Fall 2016 A University-wide reporting system will be implemented by the WAPG. This reporting system will be utilized as a means of assessment and planning to meet the three year strategic plan goal. Re-assessment of reporting strategies may be necessary during the three year strategic plan and as needed to ensure current trends in technology and information are considered. Chairs of WAPG

Manager of Accessible Technology
December 30, 2016 –
December 30, 2019

Ongoing yearly afterward
Ongoing auditing and reporting of each Administrative Council unit will be accomplished every six months and an annual report will be conducted and submitted no later than December 30 each year until the three year strategic plan cycle has been met.

WAPG will review the reports, provide individualized feedback to each Administrative Council member through the ITAC group, provide guidance on accomplishing the set strategic plan goals, develop ongoing rubrics for completion of the 3 year strategic plan and will establish a continued framework for measuring the progress of the implementation plan. After the three year strategic plan cycle, re-assessment of a new strategic plan may be necessary.
Chairs of WAPG, Members of WAPG, and Manager of Accessible Technology